Why is it important to back up secret words?

  • Secret words are the only way to recover your wallet information. If you have purchased new device due to loss of existing one or when the app is reinstalled after deleting, they are the only way to load the existing information. Thus, make sure to back up your secret words.

I have lost PIN code or secret words. Can I find it on KMINT?

  • No, KMINT doesn't save PIN code and secret words. For this reason, please back up your PIN code and secret words in a secure place. You especially need to enter secret words to recover your wallet at reinstallation after deleting the app..

How can I check my personal key of wallet?

  • KMINT app doesn't support a feature for extracting personal key or saving it outside the app. All services are operated by PIN code and secret words. Please use secret words to restore your wallet or transfer it to another service..

What should I do if I have found a transfer history that I didn't by sending?

  • There may be two cases. In the first case, assets have been moved by another due to leakage of your personal information, especially secret words. In the second case, a DApp has the authority to transfer assets, because you have approved the transfer authority for a DApp contract by mistake when using a DApp. If you have found such a transfer history, create a new wallet immeditately and transfer assets to a safe wallet address.

I have sent token to the wrong address. What should I do? Can this transaction process be canceled?

  • Due to the nature of blockchain technology, all transactions on a chain cannot be recovered. Thus, a transaction should be approved after checking it carefully. If the following situations are happened, you can handle them by following guideline. First case: if you have sent token to the contract address of a specific token, you can ask for recovery to contract owner by contacting the project team of this token. Second case: if tokens are sent to the wrong address, you can try to contact owner of the wrong address by sending a message and discuss if tokens can be returned..

What should I do if I have transferred token by sending or receiving, but not received?

  • You need to search hash on transfer history of wallet, and check reception status by clicking blockchain browser. Also, it is necessary to check if you have entered correct address and memo.

What should I do if token doesn't appear in wallet in spite of receiving token?

  • If assets have been sent from outside to your wallet address in the KMINT app, it is required to add relevant asset(token) to see asset information. Please register relevant asset by 'Add Token' on the KMINT wallet after or before sending asset from outside. However, in the case that wallet is restored in wallet, assets that you possess are automatically added and appear by type of token.

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